Everybody wants to advance in their career. Naturally, performing well at your job is important to move ahead. But there are other actions you can take as well to help your career development. These are things that can have a major impact on your professional growth.

1. Having a mentor.
This is someone who can act as a guide and adviser for your career, helping you to avoid missteps and stay on the right track. This can really give you a leg up.

You can find a mentor at your company. But thanks to technology, which has made communication so much easier, you can go further afield in your search for mentors. He or she could be someone you meet on LinkedIn or some other social media site.

Also, there is no rule that you can have only one mentor. Having more than one will enable you to get different perspectives on your job.

2. Learn another language
Globalization affects just about every business these days. Companies of all sizes now do business internationally. It has made knowing a foreign language all the more important and career enhancing. Some business experts estimate that knowing a foreign language can add 10 to 15 percent to your salary.

The most useful languages to learn are Spanish, French and German. Knowing these languages will make you more valuable as an employee, thereby opening up new opportunities for you. If you are going to learn another language, you should first focus on the speaking skills.

3. Become a better public speaker.
Giving presentations is often part of any professional occupation. And in a competitive market, having superior communication skills will put you ahead of the competition.

4. Take courses online
This will become the learning platform of the future. Top universities from around the world now offer a great variety of courses online. It offers you the freedom to learn any place at any time, and the courses are often free. You can use these courses to learn new skills that will help you perform better at your job.

5. Don’t neglect your network
Stay in touch with your contacts. They can help you a lot more than you realize, with tips, information and new contacts.

6. Travel
And when you travel, avoid the major tourist attractions, those places that simply offer prepackaged experiences. Go to places that are more out of the way, places that confront you with new and different cultural experiences.

7. Improve your time management
There are many ways to do this, and you can begin with research online. Some ways include to-do lists, scheduling, and chunking.

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