Emotional intelligence has been getting a lot of attention recently in business circles. As the name implies, emotional intelligence is about a person’s receptiveness to emotions, both of their own and others, recognizing different emotions and what they might mean, and recognizing the role that emotions play in a person’s perceptions and decision making.

Some might dismiss this kind of thinking, attributing it to one of the soft skills. But psychologists studying the issue argue that developing emotional intelligence in the workplace is of vital importance for everyone. There are a number of reasons for this.

1. It influences your workers.
Workers obviously que off of their managers. Studies have shown that how managers behave toward their workers accounts for about 70 percent of difference in worker engagement. If managers are not sensitive to their workers’ feelings and attitudes, it could lead to problems down the road. A manager needs to be able to read his or her employees’ signals and deal with problems.

2. It helps you advance faster.
The higher you go up the corporate ladder, the greater the role emotional intelligence plays in your performance. Being able to get along with others in leadership positions, being attuned to the concerns of those in charge, will certainly give you an advantage over those who are tone deaf in these areas.

3. It gets you out of your rut
Often, we get into a routine, moving through our workday doing our tasks without giving much thought to them. Using our emotional intelligence helps us to think hard about how we are doing things and whether we can improve.

4. You will get more done.
Studies have shown that people who use their emotional intelligence are more productive and make their organizations more productive. Studies have shown that companies that value emotional intelligence are more than three times better at developing leadership and show greater revenue growth.

5. It helps you make better decisions.
Whether we like it or not, our emotional states are inextricably tied to our decision making. Those who recognize this are ahead of others who do not. Using our emotional intelligence allows us to assess situations and people more quickly and accurately.

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