Many people have traveled to foreign countries during their careers, either for business, education, or just pleasure. But either way, if you have traveled to foreign countries, it is an experience that you can put to good use on your resume.

The skills and knowledge you pick up during your travels would be valuable to any employer.
For example, travel requires good communication skills. You need to be able to communicate effectively just to get around, to find out where you need to go, to find good places to eat or lodging. And usually, you need to get your meaning across in a language other than English.

If you have traveled outside the United States, you know that you need to be adaptable and resourceful. There are always unexpected situations that arise, problems that need to be solved, or situations you need to work around. These are all skills that are valuable on the job as well.

Traveling also exposes you to people of different backgrounds and cultures. You interact with a diverse group of people, and learn about different cultures. Again, all of this is useful in business, which has an increasingly diverse workforce.

Traveling successfully also requires you to have good time-management skills. You have to be certain places at certain times. You have to plan ahead and schedule transportation.

Also, all of the many details involved in travel, from planning to executing, to handling unexpected situations, shows a person with initiative, someone with energy and drive, and someone with good management skills.. Planning a trip to a foreign country, and doing the actual travel itself, is no small undertaking.

So, there are many skills one needs to travel and skills that one develops through travel, all of which any employer would value. Beyond that, however, there is also the knowledge that you gain through travel itself. For example, through travel you learn more about another language, more about another culture, and more about history.

All of this makes your travel experience an excellent addition to your resume, and something to cite during your interview as well.

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