Is it time to update your resume? Probably. But if you really don’t want to update it right now read below for the five times you definitely will have to update/revamp your resume.

  1. If you find yourself out of work or if you want to find a new job, you must update your resume, especially if it’s been more than a year or so since you looked for work. You’ll need to add the things you’ve accomplished at your current/previous employer, as well as any certifications/degrees you earned and any new skills you learned.
  2. As mentioned above, when you learn or master new skills, it’s time to update your resume. You can always wait until you’re looking for work, but when your new skills become second nature to you, you may forget to add them to a revised resume. Instead, add them to your resume soon after you acquire them.
  3. The same goes for major accomplishments. Don’t wait six months. Instead when you bring in a huge new client, when you oversee the implementation of new software, when you’re the lead recruiter in a huge hiring push – when you accomplish something big, you need to add it to your resume before you forget it.
  4. If you’ve been in the workforce for more than 10 years, you should remove outdated information on the resume. What should you remove? If you’re listing recent accomplishments, education, skills acquired, etc., anything that you find yourself naming as “additional” accomplishments/skills, etc., should be omitted. You want to pique an employer’s interest in you, not give the hiring manager a detailed, blow-by-blow recount of everything you’ve ever done. When it comes to your resume, less is more.
  5. If you’ve decided to switch careers, you’re going to have to do a major revamp on your resume so that you can show potential employers how your experience, skills and education are applicable to the new career. You’ll have needed to research the new career to see how your current skills and accomplishments can “translate.” Not to worry, though: many skills/accomplishments for one career sector will overlap with another.

It’s wise to take a look at your resume at least once a year and update it as needed. This way, if a terrific opportunity pops up, you won’t have to wait a few days to apply while you revamp the resume.

If looking for work in New York City, bring your updated resume to the recruiters at Winston Resources. We look forward to hearing how we may help you move forward in your career.

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