In this day of e-mail, voice mail, texting and social media, more and more of us are talking to each other less and less.

This can be to your advantage, if you have the courage to pick up the phone and make calls.

That’s right: “cold call” to network and find work.

E-mail too easily goes in to spam. Managers are too busy to check out their LinkedIn feeds.

Instead, pick up the phone and call!

Most people find this idea terrifying. The fear of “rejection” is overwhelming. But done correctly, cold calling is an absolutely terrific way to start networking.

Besides, you’re a New Yorker. Nothing terrifies you.

Read below for some tips on dialing for a job:

  • First of all, it definitely is best if you call people who know the people you know. “Hello, Jim, Steve White suggested I give you a call,” has a much better chance of being received well then calling complete strangers.
  • So it’s time to mine your contacts. Check out LinkedIn and visit the “people you may know” section. See those folks with “2nd degree” connections? These are people who are directly connected to those to whom you’re directly connected. They are a true gold mine.
  • Look for people who work in companies you’re interested in or who have the type of positions that could hire people with your skill set.
  • Then take a look at their profile, visit the website and get as much information as you can.
  • Ask your connection how well they know your 2nd connection. Ask if it’s OK if you drop their name as you contact the individual.
  • Get the company’s phone number where the 2nd connection works and call. Write out a little 30-second speech about how you’re connected and that you’d like to see if you could meet to get advice about careers in their field.
  • Never ask for a job. Simply ask to meet and that you want advice only. People love to give advice (it makes them feel important and valuable).
  • If you get voice mail, leave a message and then let the person know that you will send him or her a message via e-mail (if you have it) or via LinkedIn. Say you’ll call again in a week or so and then call again in a week or so.
  • Promise that you’ll take no more than 30 minutes of the person’s time. When you meet, make sure you get up to leave after 30 minutes. Stay longer only if the person invites you to.
  • You may not get meetings with everyone, but you’ll get meetings with some, and these connections can be a terrific way to find work quickly.

When looking for work in Manhattan, send your resume to the recruiters at Winston Resources. We’ve been helping New Yorkers find work with some of the area’s top employers for decades and we’d love to do the same for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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