Many people today want or need to pull up stakes and move across the region – or across the country – to look for work. Either there are no well-paying jobs for you in your area, you need to be closer to family or you just have wanderlust and want to see a different part of the country, but if you are looking to relocate you’re in good company: reports that about 50 percent of all job seekers would be willing to move for the right opportunity.

While it’s easier to find work when you’re actually in the city in which you want to work, it’s definitely possible to find work from where you are now in the place you want to move. (It will take a ton more effort in the search, however).

To create a resume to help you in your relocation efforts, recommends that you mention so at the top of the resume. If you’re looking to move to New York City, for example, you’ll want to say something like such as “Searching for a position in New York City.” If you’re looking to move to a region, say “Looking for a position in the Los Angeles area,” etc.

You then put more details about your desired move in your cover letter. For example:

  •  I’m looking to move to NYC in March 2014. This position is the type of opportunity I seek and for which I’m well qualified. I would welcome the chance to discuss it with you.”
  • I feel it’s time to broaden my horizons and am open to looking into positions throughout the country that are the right fit for the skills and background I bring.

You should work to make interviewing you as easy as possible. So, if you’re going to be in the company’s area during a certain time frame, say so in the cover letter: “I’ll be in the Los Angeles area April1-15 and would be happy to meet with you at your convenience during that time.”

If you feel that the cost of bringing you to the interview and/or the cost of paying for your relocation will be a problem for the firm, you can offer to pay all relocation costs yourself and say so in the cover letter.

Because you’ve said at the top of your resume and explained in your cover letter that you’re looking to relocate, there’s no need to use an address of a friend or family member in the new city: use your current address.

If you’re thinking of relocating to the New York City area and you’re in the area or will be here soon, send your resume to the recruiters at Winston Resources. We can help your kick-start your NYC job search with temporary, temp-to-hire and even direct-hire opportunities with some of Manhattan’s top employers.

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