You need to find work. Either you’re not currently employed or you’re unhappy at your current job.

Before starting a search, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you looking for work? If you’re currently unemployed, you have your answer. But if you now have a job, why do you want to leave it? Do you dislike your boss? Your co-workers? Is the commute too long? Are there no opportunities for advancement? The answers will help you cull through other opportunities to help you find the right position.
  • If you like your job OK, what’s bugging you about it so much that you want to leave? Perhaps it’s not a new job you need; maybe you just need a change in responsibilities. Talk to your supervisor about it and see if you can have some or even all of your job duties changed.
  • If you really DO want to leave because you don’t like the employer, what is it that you don’t like? Is the company dishonest? Does it disrespect employees? Do you not see eye to eye with your boss? Or is it that you and the company culture just don’t get along? For example, you like to have free reign about how to get work done but the company has extremely set processes and procedures. You’ll want to know what type of management style you thrive in and look for that in your new employer/supervisor.
  • What’s THE most important thing you’re looking for in a new job? Is it more money, an extremely short commute, a promotion? Know what is non-negotiable when it comes to the new job and what you can be flexible about.
  • Finally, ask yourself what it is you really want from your career and figure out what you’ll need to do to get there. Is it more education? A promotion? A lateral move? To start your own business? Answering these questions will help you know when an opportunity is one to pursue – or not.

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