Looking to hurt your career? It’s easier than you may think. Want some tips on how to do so? Read below for some tips (some will work more quickly than others, but they all work).

  1. Go ahead, post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter while at work. You think your boss doesn’t look at your feeds? You think your boss doesn’t look at the time those posts came up? Sure, there are tools you can use that will delay when posts appear, but be careful: if you post a “Whoot! Just watched my beloved [name of baseball team] win the World Series!” the boss knows if that happened before or after work; she’s not stupid.
  2. Speaking of social media, go ahead and post company gossip or information on your social media feeds. Better yet, post proprietary information about your company on social media.
  3. In fact, if you really want to deep six your career, talk about how stupid your boss is on Facebook. Go even deeper in this disaster and name your boss (helloooo, slander lawsuit)!
  4. As you can post too much information about your company on social media, so too can you share too much personal information with your colleagues. Sure, you may be the popular guy or gal at the water cooler, but your colleagues will think less of you. So will your boss (word does get around, after all).
  5. Go ahead, get drunk at the office party. Get roaring drunk, so drunk you don’t remember hitting on your boss’ wife or dancing the frug on the big guy’s desk.
  6. Get so fed up with your job/boss that you just up and quit. And you don’t give two weeks’ notice and, just to really sweeten the career-hurting pot, swear at your boss as you leave and/or throw a stapler or two. Don’t think that your boss won’t remember this behavior – even 15 years on. Your boss is the one who can help you get your next job, or he or she can make it very hard for you to find your next position (one word: recommendations).  It’s difficult to find work after you leave one on bad terms.

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