As with any business, occasionally you will have employees resign for any one of a number of reasons. When this happens it raises issues with how to handle the resignation, such as how to announce it, and when.

If the employee has not submitted the resignation in writing, you need first of all to get it in written form, including the final day the employee will be working. This provides protection for the company for such things as unemployment claims.

If you decide to let the employee work for the final two weeks, or whatever time period is decided upon, he or she can be very useful in making the transition for after he or she is gone.

The employee can tie things up and bring people up to date on what projects, what has been accomplished, what needs to be done, and what problems might arise. If someone is taking over the person’s duties, he or she can explain to the new person what needs to be done. And if the person who is leaving worked with customers, he or she can provide and introduction to the new person filling in.

You should notify other workers in the person’s department first about the resignation, and inform them when the person’s last day will be. You can ask the other department members to help take care of any issue still hanging, and then also work out what duties other people will have to assume to pick up the slack.

You should also give the other employees some idea of how long it will take to find someone else for the position.

You can notify the rest of the staff about the resignation through e-mail. Generally, a notice like this tells the other employees that a person is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities at another company. Then, it usually includes some words of praise for the employee and well wishes for his or future endeavors. If there is going to be some kind of farewell gathering, the e-mail could give the details on that. You should, however, check with the person who is resigning to get his or her approval on the e-mail and the information in it. After this, you would conduct the exit interview.

All of this helps to give a sense of closure for everyone, and it shows all of the employees how they are valued within the company.

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