Millennials, or Generation Y as this group of young people is known, are just now entering the workforce. They are joining the world of work at a time when unemployment is high because of lingering economic problems.

Yet, it appears that even with the precarious employment situation, Millennials are not content with what employers are offering and are demanding more perks at work. At one marketing company, they have asked to be able to come to work at 10 a.m. or later, to get free food, and a workout area, as well as to be reimbursed for personal trainers.

This example may be one of the more farfetched ones, but it is certainly not the only one. Millennials as a group seem to believe that you get the benefits only if you ask for them, rather than having to work for them.

And, according to business analyst Andrew McAfee, their attitude is one that needs to be adjusted. He says company leaders value people who can get the job done the most,  more than those who can argue the best for what they want. And while there are prima donnas in every work place, the prima donnas who have longevity are the ones who got the most work accomplished, closed on many deals, or kept the customers satisfied. They were able to show off and be demanding because of their demonstrated performance. Being demanding came after the performance, not before.

And, although companies need to have Millennials on their payroll because they are customers as well, Generation Y as a group is no more capable than any other generation.

Noting that the unemployment rate for Millennials is almost 20 percent, which is more than double the overall rate, McAfee gives Generation Y a little advice.

First, he says, if you get a decent job offer, take it. Don’t wait for the perfect job or the perfect employer, the one who really sees all your talents and how wonderful you really are.

In your job, perform better than your coworkers, but don’t demand as much. Your superiors will take note of this.

Take every chance you have to learn a new skill.

Learn how to be a good team player. Learn a little humility and selflessness.

And, finally, remember that you gain real self-esteem from what you work hard tgo achieve.

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