Looking for a new hire in a timely fashion can be a trying experience.  Done properly, filling a vacancy with qualified workers takes a bit of skill to maneuver through the murky waters to which most human resources managers are subjected.

Before placing an ad for a vacancy, HR departments should look at their hiring practices from start to finish and see if any “tweaking” is called for.

For instance, management should be in agreement about the sort of skills and duties that are required for a particular position. When a worker is reporting to two or three supervisors who are not in agreement, problems are likely to arise and delay a hiring.

When making use of a staffing service, give the recruiters as much relevant information as possible for a position. Don’t just tell a recruiter to “get me someone great.” The more information a recruiter has, the better he or she can screen for qualified candidates.

Applicant tracking software applications are another important tool HR departments may use. These can greatly streamline the hiring process while freeing up hiring managers to focus on more relevant things.

In addition, companies can reinvent themselves internally to attract new talent in a timely fashion. Flexible work schedules are popular recruiting incentives today. Eliminate the drudgery of long commutes by allowing an employee to work from home a few days a week.  This also is a good way to retain veteran workers.

Companies can reduce search time for new workers by referrals from their current employees. According to one survey, an active employee referral program can generate as much as 70 percent of a firm’s new hires. This works particularly well when tied to a cash incentive.

When it comes time to review résumés, experts suggest performing this essential recruiting task in at least one-hour increments (rather than for 15 minutes when it is convenient). The idea is to put in the time and get it over with in a shorter period. This can reduce hiring time by weeks.

The same is true when doing personal interviews. Interviewing five individuals the same day rather than one per day can greatly reduces the time it takes to select a candidate.
During telephone interviews, try asking the most pertinent questions first. That way unqualified candidates can be eliminated much sooner.

Still, even though reducing hiring time can save money, be careful of cutting essential corners (such as performing background checks). You’ll do yourself no good in the long run if some of your “streamlining processes” result in the hiring of unwanted candidates.

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