Do you marry someone the first day you meet him or her? Do you not take a car out for a test drive before purchasing it? Do you try on clothes before buying?

That’s the same premise — the “test drive” — of Winston Resources’ “temp-to-hire” service.

A temp-to-hire assignment is when you tell us you would like to bring a worker in for about three months (the standard length of time for temp-to-hire situations) with the hope that, if all works out for everyone concerned, you’ll hire the person onto your own payroll after the “try out” period is complete.

This way you’ll be able to see if the worker has the skills you need and if the person will be a good fit for your company.

The temporary employee also will have a chance to test you out, as well.

While on a temp-to-hire assignment, our employee will work at your business just as any other temporary worker. We’ll tell our employee that if all goes as we hope it goes, that this assignment could turn into a regular position on your payroll.

We also tell our employees that taking the temp-to-hire assignment in no way guarantees that they will be hired on with your company when the trial period ends. And, while it is rare that the temporary worker calls the “date” off, we do let our employees know that if they feel the position isn’t right, they’re under no obligation to accept the position should it be offered. (In fact, we counsel our employees to tell us as soon as possible if they feel a temp-to-hire assignment isn’t right for them so that we may find an employee for whom the assignment is a better fit.)

We’ve found that 90 days usually is long enough for both you and our employee to decide if a good match has been made. If either of you decide the assignment is not working out, we’ll replace our employee with another, and the 90-day trial period starts anew.

We’d love to show you how a temp-to-hire assignment can benefit your