These days there is a lot of talk about flexibility at work. Workers, especially younger ones, are demanding more flexible schedules at their workplaces. The natural question that arises about this flexibility is a simple one – does it work? Are those people with flexible schedules as productive or more productive than those who work on fixed schedules?

Some recent research indicates that the answer is an emphatic yes.

Although flexibility is a hot topic, most companies still operate on fixed schedules – everybody works the same fixed hours, schedules which are set by management with little employee input.

But it appears that these kinds of companies should consider more flexibility because it works. Two studies offer support. One study looked at a major employer – an electronics store chain – that offered its employees complete flexibility. Workers were allowed to set their own schedules in any way they wanted.

Another study compared two groups of employees at an IT company. One group had a traditional work arrangement without any flexibility, while the other group had complete freedom to set up their own schedules.

In both studies, those with the freedom to set their own schedules met all of their work goals. They performed as well as those without any control over their hours. Moreover, the people with flexible schedules reported being happier and healthier. They said they slept better and were not as stressed.

Among the companies rated as the best places to work, many have already instituted flexible schedules for their employees. Some also use their flexible scheduling as a way to recruit people.

Companies that work on a traditional, lockstep kind of schedule, where employees have no control, seem to be adhering to a well known, longstanding management principle known as Theory X. This theory contends that employees are basically lazy and unmotivated, and would only take advantage of a company that offers them more flexibility.

But this research appears to show that a different kind of management style, one recognizing that people have lives outside of work that affect their performance and need to be taken into account through greater flexibility, is more effective.

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