It’s no secret that technology is driving change in the business world. Big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning – all are having or will have a big impact. In the future, technology will probably change the very nature of work.

The kinds of skills needed in the future will most likely be very different from the kinds of skills that are required now. Technology will also be the driving factor in deciding which jobs are important. Transformations wrought by technology will change how companies compete with each other, and firms will have to plan for what kind of people they will need to stay competitive in the new environment.

For example, for insurance companies to stay competitive they need to gauge risk better than other companies, and so actuaries are a crucial job. But in the future, determining risk will be done by computers, and so data scientists will become much more important.

To stay competitive, companies need to begin planning for the future now. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Determine the skills your company will need in the future.

Using your business strategy, you should work to determine the types of jobs that will be needed in the future to carry out that strategy, given the progress of technology. The top companies make sure their best people are assembled in jobs that have the most impact on the company’s performance.

But as technology moves forward, the kinds of jobs that are essential to an organization will change. Companies need to determine what these essential jobs are likely to be in the future, so the business can make sure to put its top performers in those jobs.

Evaluate the skills and abilities of workers to see where there are holes.

After the company has determined what jobs will be decisive in the firm’s future success, company leaders need to determine if they have people with the requisite skills and abilities to become the star performers of tomorrow.

Hire the talent or train your people to begin developing the skills and abilities needed for the future, and start now.

Companies need to align their hiring and employee training strategies with the projected employee needs in the future.

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