It’s summer! That may mean more people than usual will be going on vacation in the next few months. Summer can also mean that many employees take long weekends as well.

How do you make sure that work still gets done well and at an optimal pace? Plan proactively for temporary staffing in the summer. Don’t wait until work has piled up and teams are frantic.

Here are 3 tips about how to manage temporary staffing this summer:

Assess How Many Temporary Employees You May Need

The first step is figuring out how many temporary employees you may need. The best way to determine this is to compare how much business is done in these months versus other months. Is a lot of shipping done in August to arrive in September, for example? Is it more than in the months that aren’t summer? Past statistics about production can be very helpful.

Then, you match those business expectations with a list of positions who will be taking vacations in the summer months. If you have shippers, packers, or forklift drivers out in an August expected to be very busy, it may be helpful to plan to hire temporary employees.

Develop Project Lists for Each Position

It’s a good idea to develop project lists for each position expected to be on vacation, for the vacation time period. Ideally, you need this in advance. Do databases need new inputs from customers every week, for example? Does each shift of an assembly line need to be fully manned for all three months of the summer? A project list tells you which projects are needed for which time.

This will allow you to work with a temporary staffing agency to match the skills needed to the project lists. Do you need someone proficient in database input and flexible for the first two weeks in July? Do you need 8 assembly line workers for the second shift every month? Sharing these needs with a temporary staffing agency means they can help you get the number of people you need.

Create Strong Job Descriptions

Once you have project lists, it is easier to create job descriptions. If you need someone proficient in database input, that is part of the job description. If that person needs to be flexible and experienced in multi-tasking, that is part of the job description. Working in production line assembly is part of another description. Available for second shift hours is yet another.

It’s smart to work with a temporary staffing agency as you create job descriptions. They are experienced and able to provide expertise about a wide range of positions.

Find the Right Temporary Employees Today

Finding the right temporary employees during the summer is very important to your company’s smooth functioning. At Winston Resources, our objective is to help your company keep productivity high while finding excellent temporary employees. Learn more about our temporary staffing services in NY, NJ and beyond.

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