Do you have gaps in your work history? Don’t fret. You are not alone. Gaps are more common these days as businesses attempt to deal with a rapidly changing and unpredictable NYC economy. The last recession is an example. Many people lost their jobs as companies began downsizing and re-calibrating their workforce needs.

However, attitudes among some hiring managers have not kept up with the changing times, and some still view work history gaps in a negative way. So it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

  1. First thing to know – do not be ashamed of any gaps.

    Don’t let them affect your feeling of self-worth or your confidence in yourself. As mentioned, you are not the only one with gaps – many good people have them through no fault of their own. You tackle the issue head on, deal with it, and move on.

  1. Be honest

    There is no need to try and hide the gaps or somehow cover them up. Again, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, trying to create a smokescreen to cover up the gaps usually does more harm than good. Hiring managers have seen all the tricks. You are not fooling anybody. It just makes you look dishonest.

  1. Explain the period of unemployment

    Tell the hiring manager what happened. Then put a positive spin on the event by focusing on what you did while unemployed. You may, for example, have volunteered, taken classes, traveled, attended conferences or seminars or some similar endeavor. Let the hiring manager know about it.
    This will show your dedication, resourcefulness and resilience, that you made the most of the down time and did what you could to improve yourself and your skills. Moreover, this also addresses a big issue that hiring manager have with people who have been unemployed for any length of time – the deterioration of their skills. So, it certainly helps to show them that you took steps to keep your skills sharp during your gap time.

  1. Focus on skills, not time served

    Take the attention away from time in a job and dates and put the focus on performance, what you accomplished in the job, what skills you gained in the job. This also helps to take attention away from work history gaps.

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