With advances in technology, now more than ever we have a truly global economy, with many more companies doing business internationally. Technology has helped to break down a lot of barriers regarding communication and transportation. But there is still one big thing that companies doing business internationally need to address, and that is language.

In many foreign companies, English is spoken along with the native tongue. But for companies working internationally, having workers who speak the language of foreign client companies can make a big difference in getting and keeping business.

Training workers to become fluent in a language other than English is now becoming more important than ever for many companies. But learning a new language is obviously not an easy thing to accomplish. It takes a lot of time and effort. But there are things companies can do to help their employees in these efforts and increase the effectiveness of these programs.

The first thing to do, as with most projects, is to set definite, concrete goals. The employee should know exactly what level of fluency he needs to achieve, what he needs to do to achieve it, how long he has to get there, and the amount of time he will have to spend in doing it. The advancement toward the fluency goal should be part of the performance review.

The training that the employee does in the language should be directed toward the field and industry he is working in. The preponderance of the vocabulary the person studies, for example, should cover terminology that applies to the type of job that he does. The same is true for phrases and conversation that the employee studies.

The employee can learn a foreign language in different ways, either through an independent study course or with a native speaker. If the employee uses an independent study course, however, he should still have occasional contact with a native speaker so that he can find out if he is on the right track, how well he is mastering the language, and so on.

The company also needs to show the value of such training in more than just words. This can be done by allowing the employee time during work to devote toward training in the foreign language.

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