A survey conducted earlier this year found that employees feel they don’t receive enough communication on an ongoing basis regarding their job performance. A small pool of people– about 100 workers — were surveyed and only about 45 percent of them felt that their managers consistently told them how well — or not — they were doing on the job. Employees also said they felt they didn’t receive enough feedback about their job performance between yearly annual reviews.

Forty-four percent of respondents said their supervisors didn’t even complete their performance reviews on time (probably because the manager is most likely inundated with projects).

Yet as the country slowly recovers from a very weak economy, employers should work to keep employees engaged and happy to work at their company, otherwise businesses may find their top workers leave their employ when the job market recovers.

One way to do this is by having consistent communication about their performance.

Researchers said they found that conducting productive employee reviews, coupled with keeping communication about their performance goes a long way to helping a firm’s employees reach their goals — and achieve measurable business results as a consequence.

Web-based performance management systems can help firms follow up with their workers before, during and after an annual review. Many Web-based tools allow 360-degree feedback tools, the opportunity for “unlimited” reviews, and a means for employees and managers to stay in touch regarding performance benchmarks via online journal entries. Such tools make it easier for firms to align their employees’ tasks, projects and responsibilities with clear goals. The tools also help track performance on a year-round, on-going basis.

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