For a business of any size, employee motivation is one of the fundamental elements for success. Maintaining the desire for excellence among employees is crucial. How do you keep employee motivation and morale high? Here are a few ideas.

First, it is important to build a firm base for your employees, so they feel that they have a real stake in the company. They should know about the company’s past and its future – its history and your vision for where it’s going. Your employees need to feel that the company takes a real interest in them, in what they expect and in what their goals are. Their input should be an integral part of company planning. Something that is often overlooked is a good orientation for each new employee. This sets the tone for everything that follows.

It is important for the management to set the tone in creating a supportive environment. There should be an atmosphere that makes all workers feel valued. Managers need to be careful not to show preferential treatment to certain employees, And managers should have an open-door policy for workers – letting employees know they can come to them whenever they have questions or concerns.

Another way to keep morale high is to take an active interest in your workers’ career. Many are looking for advancement opportunities within the company. Managers should work with them to develop a career plan that will help them to achieve these opportunities. If workers know that they can advance, they will be more engaged in what they are doing now.

Don’t forget about career development through continuing education. Employees should be encouraged to participate in workshops and seminars, adult education classes, and on-the-job training. The company should foot the bill. Again, if the employees see that the company is investing in them, it will show in their attitude toward work.

Occasionally, you also want to show your appreciation for your employees by doing something for them, such as buying lunch for the staff, closing the office for a day, or knocking off early on a Friday afternoon.

Also, don’t hold back on praise or encouragement for a job well done. It will be appreciated.

Career coaching is another activity you can do to maintain motivation.  Career coaches are professional consultants who work one-on-one with employees to provide counseling in overcoming personal and professional obstacles and help workers get to the next level.

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