To whom this may concern,


Hello my name is Angela Allers and I was assisted by Fran Gellis with finding a job.


It wasn’t easy to get back into job searching, especially during this horrific year of COVID-19. Searching for 100’s of jobs day after day, Fran Gellis came across my profile and saved me from the no return calls or emails from many companies I had applied for. Fran believed in me and my capabilities with only knowing me for a short period of time. She set me up with interviews and worked day and night to keep me in the loop. Her passion for helping people find jobs speaks volumes with how hard she worked to find me a job. And not just a job, but a job to continue my design career. I am forever grateful for her efforts to finding me a place I can work at and be happy with. She truly is an amazing person who will stop at nothing to get the job for those seeking. Thank you for everything Fran Gellis!



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