Winston Resources has been an incredible resource for me.
I could not have asked for a better recruiter when I moved from the Midwest to NYC. My recruiter had the uncanny ability to pinpoint a position that was a perfect fit for me and the company. Within just a couple of weeks from moving to NYC I had a wonderful job where I was extremely happy for 5 years. (I would have stayed in the position even longer but I wound up following a different career path).

Since I have been at my new job for about 3 weeks now, I figured that it would be a great time to talk about the excellent service that I received from Winston Resources. Within a week of putting my trust in Fran Gellis, Fran already had multiple interviews lined up for me, all in my preferred field. Because of Fran, I was able to accept a job with a company that makes me enjoy going to work every day. Fran Gellis gives her undivided attention to her clients, and I am so very thankful that she was able to help me find not only a job but my career. Fran ensured that I was more than prepared for any interview that I went to, and I could never have landed my dream job without her help.
I just wanted to make sure than Fran Gellis got the recognition that she deserves for the attentiveness and passion that she puts into her work. Speaking from my own personal experience, it is clear that Fran has a talent for matching employers with potential employees who are a great fit for each other. I love working every day, and I owe all of my gratitude to Fran. I really can’t say enough good things about her!

I worked with Fran Gellis, She was amazing and very in tune with what I needed to suit my needs as a job seeker. I had such a pleasant experience working with her. I have with her help achieved my goal and got my dream offer for a position Fran thought I was perfect for. I will highly recommend Winston and Fran to all my Fashion industry friends.

Job Seeker
“My recruiter Fran Gellis is by far the best person I have ever worked with in a job search. When I first came in to interview with her she was extremely kind and personable. After she took me under her wing, she was very quick in letting me know about existing opportunities and submitting my resume to companies. I work in fashion, which requires both a resume and portfolio for interviews. Fran is great about telling you what type of work the company is looking for and how to appeal to a potential interviewer. I have never met a recruiter so intent on finding me a job. She encouraged me to send her my work so she could give feedback and suggest changes before showing it to interviewers. Always quick to respond to emails and calls, Fran is truly committed to helping the candidates she works with. She feels like a friend you can always rely on and her constant support and advice helped me to quickly find a job after a year long search. I cannot say enough good things about my experience.”
Job Seeker

Just wanted to thank you for helping us so much over the last few months. I think you have single handedly restaffed most of the department! You have been really great with finding candidates that fit our needs, and it’s a pleasure working with someone as responsive and friendly as you.

Director of Marketing & Business Development

I will gladly leave you a wonderful review on the Winston Yelp page. It was such a pleasure working with you and I really cannot thank you enough for all your help. When I contacted you I was at such a low point in the job process, and you helped me gain confidence back and set me on good path forward- and now I have the job I want!

Job Seeker

Recently I, Carmen Yates experienced a last minute cancellation from our worker.  In a panic I called Winston Staffing for assistance.  The call was answered by a very helpful person named Miggie.  I can not express how relieved she made me feel in my dilemma.  I wish all firms had these types of employees and the interest to satisfy a client.  She and your company must be given the recognition for your professionalism.


Thank you immensely


Hiring Manager

I cannot recommend Isabel Abrams highly enough. She didn’t just find me a job; she found me a job that is a wonderful fit for me and that I am extremely happy with. I worked with her to recently on a marketing role, and she was exceptional! Not only did Isabel have a keen understanding of the role I was interviewing for, but she also took the time to really learn my interests and strengths and help me position myself to do well in the interviews. She gave me an hour prep for each round of interviewing, and the content we discussed was on-point and highly useful. She was consistently prompt, reliable, and – perhaps most importantly – considerate. I also found her to be refreshingly frank and honest, which made the process flow smoothly. She treated me as a person, not a placement, throughout the entire process, from resume editing to the final details of accepting my offer. As someone who worked at a recruiting agency in the past, I can say Isabel excels in her role and goes above and beyond the average efforts of a recruiter. She knows the process and gets things done – she will not waste your time. I would – and am planning to – highly recommend working with Isabel, because she is the best out there!”

Job Seeker

This is just a brief note to acknowledge the outstanding services and support that we have received over the past several years from Winston. Every temporary employee who has been sent over to work for us has been excellent, conscientious, hard-working and (importantly) personable.

We value our working relationship with Winston and hope to continue to avail ourselves of your great people for years to come.

Administrative Officer