Every company is looking to hire top notch people. The dilemma is often how to find them and then entice them to join your firm. There are the usual places to look, such as social media and job boards. And pay is naturally an important element in attracting good people.

But there is much more you can do to lure the best people to work for your firm. Here are a few approaches you can take.

1. Share information about company culture and values.

In trying to persuade someone why they should work for your company, you need to show them how your company is unique, what makes it special. A good way to do that is to showcase your company culture, its mission and the values that are at the foundation of what you do.

Top people are motivated by more than just money. They want a job with purpose, one that is meaningful for them. Highlighting your values will help to explain the purpose and mission of your business, what makes it meaningful and important.

2. Use employee referrals.

This is an excellent way to recruit top people. Your employees have their own networks of professional colleagues. They know who the good performers are and who is interested in a new job. They also would know if the person would be a good fit for your company.

Every employee should be a recruiter for the company, according to recruiting specialists. For companies both large and small, employee referrals are often the top source of new hires.

3. Be honest

If you want to make sure you are hiring the right person for the job, you need to be honest with him or her about things like salary, job duties and expectations. Often hiring managers are so eager to land a top candidate that they spend more time trying to sell the job than making sure it is s good match with the candidate.

4. Have a candidate-centered hiring process

If you want to hire top people, the hiring process should be a positive, engaging experience for job candidates. That means respecting their time and effort. You need to communicate with them often, letting them know where they stand in the process, what the next steps are, and how long it is likely to take.

You need to solicit feedback often, checking to see what questions and concerns they have. Moreover, the process should be user friendly. Applications should be simple and easy to complete. Hiring managers should be prepared for interviews. And the entire process should be completed in a reasonable amount of time.

If your company is looking for qualified, reliable people, Winston Resources can provide them. We thoroughly screen all of our job candidates to ensure they have the skills and experience you need, and that they will be a good fit for your company. Give us a call today.

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