Recent university research has found that there are four skills employers appear to value the most – communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving.

Workers who have developed these skills can increase their pay by as much as 20 percent, according to research.

If you are looking for work, highlighting these skills on a resume is a sure way to catch the attention of an employer, according to career experts. Here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Communication

First of all, to show evidence of communication skills, it is essential that the resume is free of any spelling or grammatical errors. It would be difficult to convince a hiring manager that you have strong written communication skills otherwise.
Include the title of any professional written work you have done or any presentations you have made and provide links to them on your resume if you can.

Make sure to practice your answers to common interview questions so that you can answer them cogently and demonstrate good oral communication skills.

2. Teamwork

Include on your resume any team-related work you have done or any experience you have had leading a team of people. You can list these as bullet points under the job titles.

When describing your work with other people, use the pronouns we, us and our instead of I.

3. Leadership

Make sure to highlight any leadership positions you have held. For example, if you have led a team, oversaw a project or managed a budget, include that on the resume.

Also, include any leadership experience you may have had outside of work. Were there any volunteer positions you had that involved a leadership role? Were you a member of a school board or a leader in a parent group or church group, for example? Include these at the end of the resume.

4. Problem solving

If you have solved any business problems in previous jobs, include examples in your resume. Also, think about any problems or challenges you encountered at previous jobs and how you overcame them. Include several of these on your resume.

Finally, if your work experience is limited, you can highlight any STEM courses you took in college as examples of work that involved problem solving and critical thinking.

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