Working at home presents a unique set of challenges. One of them is managing your time effectively. The pandemic has changed how everyone handles their personal and professional lives. Managing time can be difficult when dealing with all of the distractions that pop up with remote work. Here are some tips for good time management when working at home.

1. Planning Ahead

To mange time well, you need to plan your work schedule as much as possible. Use your calendar to schedule time for tasks, projects, and any other responsibilities you have. What you don’t want to do is simply leave time blank and let others fill it in for you. You need to be proactive. Fridays and Mondays are good days to look ahead and carve out blocks of time for projects

Also, avoid scheduling too many meetings in one day because this will break up your time and that of others, preventing everyone from getting the uninterrupted time needed to make meaningful progress on projects.

2. Schedule Time for Breaks

Working from home, you may feel that you always need to be available for your supervisor or coworkers whenever they contact you. This tends to blur the lines between work and personal time. That is why it is important to schedule your breaks in addition to your work plan.

Set aside time to get away from the computer screen. Take coffee or tea breaks. And schedule time to exercise, which is essential to stay healthy and manage stress.

3. Enlist the Aid of Technology

There are a number of apps that help people to track their time, and you should take advantage of them. These apps will help you to easily see how long it takes you to complete your tasks. This in turn should help you plan your schedule more effectively when you see where your time is going.

You may see that you are spending more time than you realize on matters that are not all that important and not enough time on things that are.

Recruiters should take advantage of software like applicant tracking systems to help them better manage their time.

4. Create Some Boundaries

It is easy for work to spill over into other areas of life when working from home, so it is important to try and set boundaries as much as possible. With discipline, good time management, and creating a work routine, it is easier to maintain these boundaries.

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