Resilience is a trait we would all like to have. It has been identified as one of the key characteristics of all successful and productive people. It is the ability to bounce back after suffering a defeat or setback, and continuing to work just as hard.
The good news is that we can acquire it with practice and effort. Here are some things you can do to develop resilience.

1. Develop a routine

Developing positive habits will help you to also build resilience. For example, the times when you go to bed and wake up should be the same every day. The same is true for when you eat and workout. Establishing these kinds of consistent habits will also help you to build mental toughness.

If you have established healthy eating habits, for example, you are less likely to fall into the mistake of grabbing a snack that is not healthy.

2. Have a sense of purpose

A sense of purpose is something you are striving for, something that gives your life meaning. It is a goal you are trying to reach. It is what gives you the drive to continue working hard, to make sacrifices, and to focus your efforts.

You come to realize that the striving itself is what is important, because it is where that sense of purpose lies. You come to realize that success and failure, as Kipling has said, are just impostors, that it is the striving itself that is important. Success is journey, not a destination.

For some, religion provides that sense of purpose. For others, providing for their family. For still others, it could be making a contribution to society or expanding our knowledge. Whatever it might be, this sense of purpose gives you the push to keep going even when you encounter obstacles or failures.

3. Have support system

You cannot isolate yourself. You need to have people whom you can go to for help and support when you need it. When you feel alone, it is easier to succumb to negative thoughts and emotions, which can spiral outward and rob us of our drive.

You need to have connections with people who can cheer you on, who believe in you, who can show their confidence in you when you may be lacking it yourself.

4. Exercise

Exercise is movement, and movement is absolutely fundamental to survival itself. When you are moving, you are accomplishing something, you are working. The movement itself gives you a sense of confidence and self-worth.

Thoughts alone will never build resilience. As Goethe has said, there is an abyss between thought and action. You need to translate your thoughts into actions, and that in itself will build resilience.

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