Many people believe that to increase productivity you need to do lots of planning, make major changes to your routine, and spend a lot more time and effort at what you do. Sometimes this is true. But there are ways to boost productivity a great deal just by making some simple adjustments to the way you do things.

Only Handle It Once

One of these simple adjustments is this – only handle it once. If you have a task to do, take care of it right away. Don’t put it off until later or let it linger. That is what handling it once means – taking care of it immediately. It seems like a little thing, but it can make a big difference in your productivity.

It gives you a feeling of control over your life. You don’t have things hanging over your head that you know you have to get to. And you get more done. You don’t realize it, but when you put things off, they begin to add up, and your to-do list grows longer and longer. You begin to feel overwhelmed.

If you receive an email that you need to respond to, do it right away. Don’t put it off. Is there a stack of mail at home on the kitchen counter? Go through it and either get rid of it or do something with it.

The idea is the brainchild of a university productivity expert, who developed it as a way to help people manage their workload. It follows the guideline that the best course of action for any task is to just get it done now and get it out of the way. Then, it is not constantly on your mind.

Avoiding Multitasking

Only handling it once helps you to avoid multitasking as well. Multitasking is a trap you don’t want to fall into. Many people believe they are being more productive by multitasking, but research has shown that the reverse is actually true – you actually get less done, and you don’t do it well.

You get more done handling just one thing at a time, moving at a steady pace. So, by only handling it once, you are focusing on just one thing at a time and taking care of that before moving onto something else.

If there is a task that you cannot take care of immediately, productivity experts say you should put a reminder on your calendar to take care of it by a specific date. That way you have a clear deadline for getting it done. But you should only do this when you absolutely have to.

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