Even if you are not currently engaged in a job search, you never know when something more appealing might come along. You may be happy with your job now, but you may see a job notice, or hear about a job through your network, or be contacted by a recruiter about a position that intrigues you.

It may happen, and if it does, you don’t want to have to rework your resume in a hurry and under pressure. It’s best to periodically update your resume so that you can take the time to do it right. Obviously, you will still need to make some tweaks depending on the particular job you apply for, but the basic layout will be ready to go.

The latest research shows that hiring managers spend an average of only about seven seconds looking at a resume before making a decision on whether to eliminate a candidate, so you want to make sure you catch his or her attention quickly. Here are some things you need to do to keep your resume up to date.

1. Check contact information
Make sure it is current. You need to have your current mobile phone number and email address on the resume. Don’t worry about including a home address. But also make sure you include your LinkedIn address.

2. Use the job title for your summary
Many people begin their career summary section with the word “summary” or “objective.” But it is better to use the job role as your title to emphasize to the hiring manager you have the skills, knowledge and desire to fill their specific need.

3. Find out what the hiring manager wants
If you are working with a recruiter, try to find out specifically what are the most important goals that the hiring manager wants the new hire to achieve. Then, make sure to include on your resume examples where you have achieved those goals, using facts and figures to support your statements. Or show how you have gained the skills and knowledge to be able to achieve the goals.

4. Check the layout
If you are still using a more ornate kind of font, you should update it with a more simple, clean look, such as Calibri or Arial Narrow

Make sure you have ample white space on your resume to break up blocks of print and make it easier to read. Keep sentences short and use bullet points that can be read quickly and easily.

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